Relieve Pain, Improve Pregnancy Comfort, and Achieve Optimal Performance with Buffalo's Leading Chiropractor, Dr. Kathleen Henneberger, at Buffalo Family Chiropractic Wellness, P.C.!

To say that Dr. Henneberger has had a positive impact on my health is a complete understatement. She transformed my physical and mental well-being through her incredible chiropractic and integrated techniques. She is extremely knowledgeable in many areas of wellness, and always has her patients’ best interests top of mind. I’ve seen a lot of chiropractors in my life, but for the last 11 years she has been the only one who has been able to make a significant difference in my health. I am living a much more pain-free and active life since working with her and recommend her to anyone looking to feel better, whether in general or if you’re suffering from a health condition or injury. Thank you! –

Emie Lu

Dr. Kathleen is the most talented chiropractor that I’ve ever met. She knows immediately what is wrong with me and exactly how to fix my issues. I recommend Buffalo Family Chiropractic Wellness to everyone I can! Chris (the gentleman at the front desk) is inviting and kind. He’s always so helpful when I need a breakdown invoice for my FlexSpend receipt submissions. They make a wonderful team and I always look forward to seeing them both!


I was referred to Dr. Henneberger by a friend after I wasn't getting any better after seeing another practice. I walked into the office and it was the complete opposite of my experiences at other chiropractic offices I have visited. I was completely amazed at the atmosphere and the relaxing smell of calming essential oils in the air. My experience with Dr. Henneberger was wonderful. She completely took the time to listen to my issues and concerns and set a plan for my recovery. I know I am far from fixed, but I left after one visit feeling better than I have in months! This woman is a miracle worker in my eyes. Her approach is a more holistic approach which I find refreshing. She is completely knowledgeable, gentle and thorough. You will not be disappointed seeing her.


I saw Dr. Kathleen years ago when I was a Buffalo resident. I am so excited to once again be a patient of hers as I have just moved back to Buffalo. I am a Flight Attendant and have lived all over the country. I spend my days on my feet in heels, lifting and dragging luggage and often times must use incorrect posture to serve guests. I am constantly sleeping on different pillows and beds and my body is forced under different pressurized conditions. One could say that I am constantly a mess. I have seen numerous Chiropractors and only one has rivaled Dr. Kathy, yet she still comes out on top as the best. She is hands down #1 for effective adjustments and treatments, education, professionalism and a holistic view of my health. I am thrilled to be back in Buffalo for many reasons and Dr. Kathy is high up on that list of reasons. I highly recommend her.


I have been a patient of Buffalo Family Chiropractic for well over eight years now. Practicing as a holistic Dentist for over 35 years, I have always suffered chronic back issues from the positions that I’m forced to work in. I cannot express how grateful I am for Dr. Henneberger’s fantastic expertise! She is extremely knowledgeable about her therapies and is very gentle in her application of them. The office staff is very professional and accommodating. Because of her expertise and knowledge, I refer my patients to her, because I know she will provide the highest level of care to them. She continues to improve my quality of life with every visit. Buffalo Family Chiropractic is truly exceptional!


Always leave there feeling amazing and ready to have my best day! Dr. Kathleen not only cares personally, but has enlightened me on healthier ways to live every day…things I thought I already knew, but really didn’t! Thank you to her and Chris for all you do!


Buffalo Family has been very helpful in solving some major body issues for me and my family members alike. They’re friendly and very knowledgeable. Highly recommend!


Wonderful experience and results with this practice. Kathleen and Chris approach each client with careful, custom-designed holisitc care. Buffalo health care treasure!


Best chiropractor buffalo. I always go there for my alignment in my back and I always feel great afterwards. The doctor is also help changing the way I stand and getting me to drink more water then usual.


Dr Kate is awesome. I don't always agree with her, but we agree to disagree. Most important, I do believe she really cares about her patients and offers a more wholistic, natural way of treating. She is not hesitant to tell you the truth of you really want it.


Not your run of the mill in and out chiropractor. Dr. Henneberger truly cares about your health and wellness and will check every facet for dysfunction. You will not find a better chiropractor anywhere! Especially one who is as knowledgeable as she is in so many displines! Give her a try and you'll never go anywhere else! I promise!


Professional, in depth treatment; well explained wellness tips and details; relaxing environment with personal care. Finally feel like I'm getting better and i know how to take care of my bodies needs


Dr. Kathy is amazing! I have never felt as great as I do after being adjusted by her. She is so knowledgeable and thorough in her treatments as well just a genuinely kind human being who makes you feel comfortable throughout the entire appointment. Her partner Chris is efficient and friendly in the front office as well making the whole experience easy and enjoyable.


Kathy is hands down the best chiropractor I have been to. I have my L4-S1 fused and am very cautious about who works on me. Kathy has helped me tremendously and keeps me feeling great so I can stay healthy and active

Southtowns YOGA 716

Stricly professional practice! These folks are top notch! I've suffered with military related injuries since 2001. This practice offers so much more than a great adjustment. Its a Wellness center. During treatment, the Dr. is always guiding me in self care methods. She offers high level advice on all topics wellness related. More great information regarding their organic products and future treatments can be gathered from the receptionist on the way out. My 2 year old son, my pregnant wife and I will continue to visit this office and recommend it to everyone.


My husband and I have been patients at BFCW for several years. Since the first visit, we were impressed by the holistic approach Kathleen takes in her chiropractic practice. She is very intuitive and often diagnoses problems before we even mention them to her. Our physical, mental and emotional quality of life has been greatly enhanced since we started regular visits to her office. Both my parents and many members of my husband's family are also now patients at BFCW. We thank Kathleen and Chris for the excellent care they have provided.